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Miss Zhu strong, don't put it all into a farce

Chengdu Pengzhou city Longmen Town Mission Village Village million Xingming house big pig, buried under the rubble after the earthquake of 36 days, in June 17th by the Chengdu Military Air Force Flight Academy fighter plane out, also live.
Many citizens, netizen appeals,エアジョーダン5, don't put the pig become delicious food on the table (Chengdu Daily in June 23rd.) true is a saying: escape from death in a great catastrophe the spoils. One under the ruins survived pig,http://www.adidasswings.com/, now seems to have become the heroes, are special conservation does not say, also be human given name, address each other as brothers, in accordance with the netizen and museum curator is proposed, the future will from slaughtered, was sent to the museum for experts,nike hyperdunks 2011 New York personal concert, for visitors to admire mm is really a happy pig! Therefore, the netizen imitation of Azolla lyrics song: anger bristle cupola, piggery, seismic final rest.
Lifting my eyes, "wails,nike zoom kobe 6 Cantonese version, Zhuang HUAIJI intense. Thirty-six day with the earth, 200 kg fat and meat. In the blink of an eye, thin young pig, mournful air. One day,Jeremy Scott Adidas, heavy I hate; hunger, this time out. Get in the car, and go to the museum.
Determination hunger meal corn cake, a thirsty to drink mineral water. From now on, named Zhu strong. Never regret. Needless to say, is the Wenchuan earthquake has created " Zhu strong " such offbeat hero, people in itStrong survival moving at the same time,www.adidasswings.com, also for media not niggardly shaping a strong pig and feel absurd.
Imagine, the museum to a pig, without any other rendering, will become the entertainment newspaper headlines. Actually,Adidas Panda Bear Ukraine, in the face of disaster, even the animal, also have the instinct to survive, say, " Zhu strong " to luck, but also with the space environment, weather conditions, their own state as well as stored in &quot " food; for, if not the charcoal hunger, no rain to quench their thirst, I strong pig cannot survive.
A pig, of course not learned " cherish life " such a course, must have had no perseverance will training, its survival, more is a kind of instinct, with luck and chance, which did not have much gold content of " " and the media.
The animal world of ordinary things development of such height, in addition to absurd what? According to the data, pig's normal life in the following 20 years. Did, in " Zhu strong " dying of old age,Nike Air Foamposite One, but also be made into specimens, for people to sacrifice to do, I really do not know such proposals considered " Zhu strong &Quot; experience, after " Zhu strong " owner's consent? Pig happy place is the farm shed, not the museum, its maximum value and function of people on the table is a meal, rather than to provide for oneself and live comfortably for up to prostrate oneself in worship.
If the departments is really rich, or be used for disaster area the cause of people's livelihood, the news media a real space, or more publicity the relief to rebuild their homes information reported in the earthquake, many struggling to survive strong enough to survive the people.
Through the Wenchuan earthquake, has reflected the Chinese firm and indomitable spirit, a " Zhu strong ", become media highlights, reflects the media impetuous and utilitarian. Can foresee, the local " Zhu strong ", museum will soon be open to visitors, but want to see " Zhu strong " " &quot, not afraid to face; tickets are unable to enter the field.

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