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Air travel Wang Yunzhi

The United StatesAir trip to Ferris air mm joyful Carnival in Nantong exhibited ,in the sports & Exhibition Center !Such a display of Nantong is the first !Now or never,エアジョーダン11! !a winter vacation, I was unable to hold oneself back into the sports & Exhibition Center ,to experience this rare and interesting &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot Jurassic survivors .
;hard and brave the challenges to a height of about 12 meters in front of the Tyrannosaurus Rex ,I suddenly feel so small .I tremble trembling near dinosaur feet ,step by step through the time tunnel ,like back to the Jurassic era ,entered the age of dinosaurs .
My heart suddenly tense up ,why ?Because I see dinosaurs that tall body, which stand as firm as a rock there days ,head ,foot ,momentum is pressing . 12 meters tallbody, is &quot ;little giant &quot ;Yao Ming height is about five times !I went around to the dinosaur behind, we meet is a secret level .
First off : thin .It as if very difficult to MM because it requires that we shift from a drum shaped cushion drilling out ,must know that this is the almost seamless air !I sideways to squeeze ah ,squeeze ,but can right in !At this time, do not know where the man pushed me, let me well out of the points, otherwise I into noodles is turned into a big cake.
My messy hair ,disheveled ,head is heavy ,only the heart is so excited. Second :rock climbing rock climbing wall .Here is not like our school as hard rock ,,here is &quot ;soft not pull the collapse of &quot ;,simply and tofu nothing two .
I can only rely on the rope ,a little bit to climb ,it is the feeling of climbing hills .Third :slides .&quot ;too high. &quot ,I came to slide ;export ,could not help but give out such deep feeling.
Looking down from the top ,the following people seemed to Lilliput Lane ,up to 10 meters yellow slide has been stretched dinosaur feet. I turned to go ,and don ,or close your eyes red !I plucked up the courage to slide down ,the heart hangs in the in the air ,only to hear the wind in my ears ,body friction with the slide ,a &quot incites ;&quot ;sound.
When I open my eyes ,Air Foamposite 1,has come to the dinosaur feet. Remember just experience ,that is a word &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot !Big tiger Adventure thrills and excitement into the party ;a tiger adventure ,Arabian Nights is not ,in front of.
Along the slide to see :from big tiger mouth ,esophagus ,stomach ,to the intestines ,finally to the tail of the tiger with a slide .I foot step by step on the ladder ,his hands clutching on both sides of the rope ,dare not have any negligence.
Climb ,creeping, finally arrived in the steep and slippery slide top ,Comfortable and casual be.GAIA summer sandals new shape!!,this journey is only half done ,the following is to slide down !Listen to next to the adults say this slide is preferably two people playing ,this will increase the friction ,safer ,エアジョーダン!We like this child to play, very dangerous !&quot &quot ;risk ;two words gave me a head-on blow ,Nike Air Formposite One Shoes,how should I do ?Have a try ,Fall sports - throw packets competition finals.!Hands on chest ,legs close together ,called &quot ;mm&quot ;fast !I was afraid ,I can feel my heart jumped ,I regret some HH.
At the same time ,slide to the end, but I did not stop ,I fly ,fly to the staff for our specially prepared &quot ;security blanket &quot ;the front end. Thus ,a gust of wind speed ,I jumped out of the tiger mouth ,the whole process is like Sun Wukong into the belly Princess Iron Fan like magic ,fun ,adventure ,Stimulation of &quot &quot ,http://www.airjordanjp.com/!;rocket ;dreams and fly to shake hands when I was very young ,there is a desire :it is to have a pair of wings ,like a bird in the sky fly take one !Now I grow up ,know the people could not grow wings, but still I dream that I can fly up! Look, the opportunity came! There rocket !In a rocket shaped boats ,two tennis like a chair, with a parachute like screen .
My sister and I went into the rocket inside, there was a stream of air blowing ,sit online pocket ,http://nikeairfoamposite1.com/ traffic,fasten your seat belt .Along with the four blowers of intense work ,small rocket area increase gradually, we began to take off !My feet leave the ground ,rising to the sky, although I don the clouds ,but also enough to make me excited !I miraculously fly !I dance with joy ,as cheerful as a lark ,as if I have a pair of wings !The end of a short but interesting afternoon air trip .
A thrilling slide ,a wonderful off ;there are magical ,Terror Castle Adventure &quot ;&quot ;&quot ,ups and downs ;tsunami ,&quot ;all &quot ;elastic pull &quot ;HH let me lead a person

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