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[quote] massage my health

Fingers and toes more rub ,insomnia headaches do not worry .Often rub thumb Kin brain ,nike zoom hyperfuse 2011,often rub index GI .Often it refers to the strong heart ,often rubs the ring finger little finger liver peace.
Often rub Zhuang double kidney .Ten refers to the strong heart ,hands on plug clearing brain ,rotating joints through the meridians ,the palm stretch song bones ,rub ten finger headache cured ,massage four Guan Qi ,swing shoulder to shoulder loosening cervical vertebrae, a corner cut high spirit :healthy finger are the same :nails pink ,glossy ,thickness moderate ,soft hard moderate ,not easily broken ,smooth surface ,the nail root segment crescents ( a half, also known as health a white circle ) .
Five health check hand has 6 meridians circulation,and systemic organs, tissue ,organ of communication, there are about 99 points( District) ,the viscera can reflect the general health status .
Massage or press the acupuncture point ,can almost remission of systemic disease. Fingers corresponding to main and collateral channels corresponding organ thumb lung main and collateral channels cardiac and pulmonary index E.
main and collateral channels ,intestines and stomach digestive organs of main and collateral channels ,pericardial ring finger the facial features of liver lung and respiratory system of main and collateral channels ,main and collateral channels kidney ,small intestine finger heart circulatory system is not healthy finger is different :a half color gray :Energy is weak, easily lead to anemia ,fatigue, weakness .
Pink : possible viscera function drops, excessive physical exertion ,easily lead to diabetes ,hyperthyroidism and other pathologies. Purple :easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood circulation ,blood and oxygen supply is insufficient, prone to dizziness ,headache ,arteriosclerosis .
Black : in severe heart disease ,tumor or long-term medication .A half area of the best : the area of the nail 1 /5 is less than1 /5theenergy shortage, gastrointestinal absorption ability .
As a half suddenly dark ,narrow ,disappear ,early prevention of some wasting disease ,tumor ,hemorrhage. Stay up all night ,too ,a half also will disappear ,it is difficult to grow again .
More than 1 / 5:myocardial hypertrophy, predispose to cardiovascular ,hypertension ,stroke and other diseases. Nail color dark state ,with a plurality of vertical distribution : This is the body of water is insufficient embodiment ,and the fingers corresponding in vivo organ and tissue function weak color hair .
Dark ,http://www.adidasswings.com/ preliminary success.,rough ,with a plurality of horizontal distribution :This is the anemia and malnutrition embodiment ,or months ago is not adjustable. Hand has 6 meridians circulationand all the zang-fu organs ,organs of communication.
There are about 99 points( area) can reflect All the viscera health status and all the zang-fu organs ,organs of communication. Whenever and wherever possible the healthy hand finger fitness fitness by surgery ,the biggest advantage is whenever and wherever possible : let long session time becomes more meaningful ,computer before the rest of ten minutes before a meal with content ,not impatient waiting for food .
.. ... All these prospects ,as long as we think ,Adidas Panda Bear not holding good drink,all hands empty time ,can be a fitness time .Basic care :thumb fingers massage can alleviate :heart disease ,atopic dermatitis ,alopecia ,sore throat ;the massage finger can alleviate :constipation ,loss of appetite ,stomach pain ,chronic gastritis ;massage finger alleviate :Liver illness ,fatigue ,appetite ,tinnitus ,dizziness ;massage ring finger can alleviate :cold ,throat pain ,headache ,sweating ,frequent micturition ,palace cold finger ;massage can alleviate :shoulder pain ,low back pain, menstrual irregularities ,asthenopia ,obesity ,insomnia .
Massage methods: 1 first massageleft .His right hand thumb and index finger pressing the left thumb side ,feel pain when adhered to the 10 seconds.2right forefinger andthumb are respectively the upper and lower sides left thumb ,press ,adhere to 3 seconds.
3for the right handmassage ,the same way. The fingertip pain finger fingertip each meridian ,which correspond to different organs .Small finger nail root ,will hold ,then pressed and rotated ,if the fingertip feel special pain ,representation and the meridian related organ may have problems .
The little finger pain :possible cardiac or small bowel problems near the ring finger .Side of the little finger fingertip has fewer punch hole ,the other side has little Ze den. Fewer punch has a close relationship with the heart ,heart attack, press the pinky finger ,Adidas Leopard Tail,can alleviate the condition ;small Jersey is associated with small intestine meridian ,indigestion ,can press to this site.
The ring finger pain :may be sore throat or headache .In the ring finger on punching hole ,cold have a fever when rubbed the site may relieve symptoms .Middle finger pain :the possible cardiovascular appear unwell .
Middle finger in punching hole ,disease due to discomfort the heart cannot bear ,it will feel the pain. The index finger pain: possible E. problems. The index finger business Yang cave ,constipation when press this finger feeling a lot of pain.
The thumb pain :respiratory problems .On the thumb Shaoshang point ,and lung .Such as lung disease pressure in this area, pain can jump. The case hold joint discomfort associated with corresponding handle fingers ,can ease the pain .
Every operation 3 minutes,every 1 -2.Liver disease :pinch the thumb of his right hand in the two joint. The tinnitus :pinch hand ring finger three joints. Diabetes :pinch the left thumb two joints.
Hypertension :according to the left hand little finger root. Heart disease :pinch the left hand little finger three joint medially. Dysmenorrhea Three :pinch finger joints. The eye fatigue :pinch the right hand middle finger joints of a three .
Upgrade maintenance :flexible finger health exercise since the body health in the hands of reflecting ,hand health should not be ignored .We often percussion keyboard ,mobile phone messaging ,&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;mouse ;keyboard player &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;SMS ;can not hand the honorary title.
Some finger dexterity ,finger joint toughness of practice can not do these ,we can choose freely .Walk :hands on his chest to violently shake the wrist for about 10 seconds .Can promote the blood circulation of the hands .
The toss :will make a fist with both hands in front of the chest, ideas have a ball. To hold ,count 5,open ten refer to put aside .Can strengthen the palm and wrist ,so that the fingers are flexible.
A :hands ten refers to the simulation of playing the piano ,from the thumb to a bomb to the palm .Repeat 20 times. Can exercise the hand control ability and ability .The pressure finger :the ten fingers apart ,finger relative ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,forced to pressure .
Until knuckles acid swells to ache now .Repeat 10 times. Can exercise a joint toughness and flexibility. Push :your hands on his chest ,left wrist force to the right ,Air Force One Shoes movement cannot excessive,keep the palms together, however After turning left .
Can strong wrist ,wrist or palm of the enhanced flexibility. It refers to :with thumb and index finger massage finger ,from the finger to the tip of the finger. Can promote the blood circulation of fingers .
Pulling means :your right hand left hand thumb a turn, and then forced outward straightened, ordinal pull each finger ,change on the other hand the repetition of the same action .Can help the finger blood circulation ,strengthen the ligament .
For :in turn hands fingers for exchange of finger movements. Can exercise finger flexibility and brain response ,coordination ability .Relax :let the drape arm swing ,free ,and then forced to swing ,until the hand completely relaxed so far about several things .
Massage massage strength for most point and the reflection area ,no pain no effect ,so it is necessary to stimulate strong point ,the pain a bit. But hard and can not be overweight ,as long as the obvious pain on the line .
When massaging ,forced to light after, gradually increase strength ,acceptable maximum .Massage massage male first order left-handed ,right-handed females after ;instead, the first after the right hand ,left hand .
If there is not enough time ,as long as the massage hand acupoint can .Careful point fatigue massage days more After a second, improved condition ,point tenderness lessens, the disease is better.
If the condition did not improve, and tenderness obviously slow, this is the point of fatigue. Right hand acupuncture points ,can rotate left and right hand acupoint massage massage massage .
1beforea break. 2binge,Kobe bryant olympic shoes,take a shower ,1 hours aftermeal and the fatigue is not a hand massage .3firstAnrou after local if acid ,slight pain ,bulging and feeling ,this is a big force of reason, should reduce the strength.
4 handacupuncture points is relatively small ,massage, some points are available instrumentation ,nike hyperdunks 2011,such as pens ,ball-point pen tail ( must be smooth pressing acupoint massage in 5).Remember natural breathing ,don .

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